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With VERA you don't need to think. "Be Relax"

Medical Services

With VERA you don't need to think. "Be Relax"
Vera provides primary care service to the people coming from various parts of the world in particular the Gulf region. All countries medical staff speak only English or their Native Language and don't understand Arabic, VERA will help you with translation of documents and assistance at each step. We will guide you in selecting the best hospitals in the UK,Kuwait,Turkey,Milano,Frankfurt,France, with the right specialists and doctors. Good advice and quick assistance is what is required when it comes to health. VERA organises your entire stay-starting from arranging transport from the Airport to the smallest requirement and urgent needs that you might face.

Home Service Nurse

VERA is dedicated to delivering an integrated nursing service by providing cost effective care and support in the convenience and comfort of your home. Our objective is to improve the quality of the rehabilitative process for both patient and carer. Whenever it is viable, we aim to provide alternatives to prolonged hospital stays and effective post-discharge care to prevent re-admission.
VERA is a professionally operated and hospital-linked service provider. Our capabilities allow Doctors and Patients to utilize home-based care as an important tool in promoting recovery in the most comfortable, reliable and cost efficient way. This service may range from a simple follow-up visit to a comprehensive care plan which may include nutrition, physiotherapy, carer training and other disciplines to achieve full recovery.

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With VERA you don't need to think. "Be Relax"

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